Frequently Asked Questions

Straithen thees more Comfortably

mib aligner experts will introduce you to the nearest dentist in your city, and you can start your treatment process after a free consultation in coordination with the dentist and mib laboratory.

Transparent mib aligners work like traditional braces - by applying gradual pressure to one or more.. In mib aligner, our skilled technicians plan how much each tooth can move in a given amount of time based on the available space, the position of the root and the tooth . then a series of aligners are designed, each to move your teeth. Each clear aligner gradually moves one or more teeth in each step by approximately 0.3 mm until the teeth reach the desired position.

You can use aligner from the age when the growth of your permanent teeth is complete and your dentist confirms it.

The costs and conditions of treatment completely depend on the degree of disorder and anomaly of your teeth. You can find out the costs by visiting the nearest MIB Aligner dentist.

The duration of aligner treatment depends on the amount of dental malocclusion and takes about 4 months to 14 months (depending on the amount of your cooperation).

According to dental experts, mib's laboratory only starts treating patients whom we are sure of getting the desired result (with the patient's cooperation) at the end of treatment. You can get free consultation with MIB aligners providers to start your treatment.

Yes, it is possible if the specialist dentist agrees after visiting and examining the condition of your two jaws.

Clear aligners should be in your mouth for at least 22 hours a day. It is recommended that you do not remove aligners from your mouth as much as possible and only remove them for eating, drinking and brushing.

The duration of aligner treatment depends on the amount of dental malocclusion and takes about 4 months to 14 months (depending on the amount of your cooperation).

No! Even really soft foods can damage the plastic when chewing. It is recommended that all drinking and eating is kept to mealtimes when you can remove your braces. If you eat or drink with the aligners in food debris and liquids can become trapped between your teeth and the clear plastic, not only will it look unsightly but it can lead to decay or acid in the fluid can erode the enamel of your teeth.

Do I have to take liners out of my mouth when eating cold drinks? Drinking water whilst wearing your braces is fine. Under no circumstances should you drink carbonated, sugary or acidic drinks such as fresh juice, fizzy drinks and energy drinks as this can lead to corrosion of your teeth. If you need to drink these types of drinks you must remove your aligners and make sure you clean your teeth and the brace before inserting them back on your teeth.

Again it is recommended that your mib aligners are removed when drinking hot drinks like tea and coffee, not only can it lead to staining of your teeth but the heat can damage the thin plastic of the braces and prevent them working or deform them.

No, the impression taking is done only once in the first stage and the continuation of the treatment is done completely digitally and using software and 3D technology.

90% of patients complete their treatment with aligner, but 10% of patients may use fixed orthodontics for 1 to 2 months in the final stage of treatment.

You can first align your teeth using aligner and then use aesthetic treatments.

Yes, according to the opinion of the treating dentist, space is created in this area for the placement of the implant prosthesis with the help of aligner.

mib aligner is the only transparent aligner system in Iran that allows you to try before you buy! When you go to the dentist for advice on your treatment plan, the dentist will give you a pre-aligner. These clear aligners are "inactive", which do not move your teeth but allow you to try using aligners before starting the treatment.

The duration of using each stage of clear aliners is 3 weeks, but if after 3 weeks your aligner is still hard and exerts force, you can increase this time to 4 weeks.

After treatment with aligners teeth can relapse or go back to the former position like every other orthodontic treatment. The patent should use retainers after finishing the treatment

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