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What are clear aligners?

Clear aligner is a new method of orthodontics for arranging teeth. This method does not use wires and brackets on the teeth. Treatment is done with a series of clear, colorless and moving plaques. The aligners look like a night guard and are not visible on the teeth, they are made of medical plastic and move the teeth step by step to reach the desired position.

Transparent orthodontics is a new orthodontic procedure that consists of a set of thin and removable transparent plaques and without wires and brackets helps to correct the anomaly and position of the tooth.

The aligners are made of medical plastic and have a nightgown-like appearance and are not visible on the teeth. By using these transparent dental plaques in succession, they move teeth step by step to the desired position.

The type of tooth malocclusion of the patient teeth determines whether clear aligners can be used for treatment or not. If the patient can be treated with invisible orthodontics (transparent plaques), these plaques should be used 22 hours a day and each Replace once every three weeks by the patient until the end of treatment. In this method, all steps are done digitally and using advanced software and devices, and if the patient cooperates, only one impression-taking session is required until the end of treatment.

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