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Straithen thees more Comfortably

Why mib aligners ?

Full support

From the moment you start treatment with mib aligners, our colleagues in the Mib Aligner section will support you until the end of the treatment. We are with our dear dentists and patients from the beginning of the treatment to the end and achieving the desired result.

Cooperation of orthodontists and specialists for treatment plans

To perform a 3D treatment plan in dental software, we use the cooperation and advice of orthodontists, cosmetic dentists, expert dentists and technicians specialized in clear aligners treatment plans, and each treatment plan is .designed to the patient's condition and analysis

Update versions of international applications for planning the treatment

All used software are continuously updated with the latest technology to use the novel methods for treatment.

Printers with high resolution

The type of printers used to make the Aligner model is very important. The MIB system uses Hungarian resin printers with DLP technology and an accuracy of 50 microns.. High accuracy in making models makes the aigner more compatible with the tooth and also the force is transmitted to the tooth more accurately.

Straight forward and easy work flow

To start working with mib aligner, just send us photos and get a free consultation. Colleagues in the aligner department accompany and support you from the beginning to the end of the treatment and determine the whole course of treatment for you.

On time package delivery

Your clear aligners will be sent to you regularly according to your request

Experienced and specialized staff

All personnel working in the MIB alignerr unit are fully trained and specialized in counseling and support units, treatment design, technical construction.

Services to the whole of Iran

The mib aligner system provides services and support to the whole of Iran and all cities


Considering biomechanical and aesthetic basics for treatments

For each aligner treatment with MIB system, all the principles of biomechanics and beauty are considered in the treatment plan. The movement of the teeth is done according to the condition of the teeth and gums in such a way that the least and also the optimal amount of movements is done in each stage


Chowise is sent to patients with a aligner package. By Using it according to the protocol, their teeth move regularly and completely according to the treatment forecast, reduce any minor discomfort and pain, and make the new stage of aligners fit better on the teeth.

Optimal attachments for treatment

In the treatment with clear aligners, to induce better and more effective force, sometimes it is necessary to use small pressure points on the teeth called attachments. Attachments are composite protrusions that help the liner apply proper and optimal pressure to the teeth for faster and more accurate change. In the MIB system, attachments are designed to be programmed and optimized on the teeth to have the best performance.

Pre aligner

to examine and test the aligner, so that they have the experience of using the aligner and if they are comfortable and want to continue the treatment and also get used to using the aligners continuously. Ensuring the accuracy of the impression , so that we can repeat the impression taking if necessary

Using special shields for aligners

The MIB Aligner system uses aligner -specific shields to fabricate aligners. These shields are imported exclusively from the UK, they are completely transparent, colorless and smart.

Designing pontics for missing teeth through the aligner treatment

In cases where the patient has a missing tooth and its space is empty or spaces are being arranged for implants, if necessary and there is more than 3 mm of space, the MIB aligner system designs a pontic for the empty space so that the patient can Complete their treatment without discomfort and with confidence.

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