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Why choose MIB aligner?

Over the past years, the transparent orthodontic treatment system has become popular not only in Iran but all over the world and has been welcomed by dentists and clients. MIB system has started its work since 2017 With the cooperation of British and French companies in the field of clear aligners, it has transferred the knowledge and technology of designing and manufacturing transparent aligners to Iran with authentic principles and foundations, and has always kept the system up to date and accurate. It should be noted that mib is a company and its system is fully mechanized and digital and will be your full time companion and support. See the specialized benefits related to MIB aligner in the following link.

How can I start working with mib's lab to start treating a client?

You can have a free consultation by sending photos of your patient to the lab's whatsapp number (09106852416), you will be noticed about the treatability of the case, treatment duration and costs. If accepted you can sent impressions or 3d oral scans.

Are all cases candidates for aligner treatment?

Unfortunately, due to the structure of the aligner, not all cases can be treated with aligner. You can use the following link to find out the range that aligner can treat any of the abnormalities.

What documents/records do we need to start aligner therapy?

- Intraoral and extra-oral photography

- upper and lower silicone impressions, bite reg or intral-oral scan with stl format

- a brief outline of patient's main complaint, and treatment objectives. (completing the prescription form)

- opg and sometimes lateral cephalometry

What type of impression taking is suitable for treatment with aligner system?

Dear dentists, we ask you to prepare two-stage silicone putty-wash impression from patients teeth and send them to the laboratory address. If the goal of treatment is either mandible or maxilla , please send an impression from both jaws for us to check the occlusion. To access the exact impression taking protocol, enter the following link.

How is the treatment plan done?

All treatment plans are carried out with the consultation and supervision of orthodontists, cosmetic and skilled dentists in the field of aligner therapy in Iran and other parts of the world. The treatments are performed using Maestro 3d software and specialists in the field of medical engineering to observe all the principles of orthodontics, beauty and biomechanics in the treatment of patients.

Can dear dentists and specialists cooperate with mib aligner in their patients' digital treatment plan?

Yes, dear dentists, if you are interested, you can participate in the process of digital treatment plan with cooperation and their opinions will  be included in the treatment plan.

  When the exact number of clear aligner stages will be determined?

The exact number of aligners will be determined after the treatment plan is done in the software, and at the beginning of the treatment, the number of aligners will be announced in a free consultation approximately. However, in the MIB aligner system, as in other authorized systems in the world in the field of clear aligner therapy your patient may need a refinement plan to finish up his/her treatment with a few more aligner.

What should be done in the treatment with aligner if attachment or stripping is needed?

In some cases with crowding, the inter-proximal reduction method is used to create space for the teeth to move. The exact location and amount of IPR will be determined in the software according to the patient's condition and the dentist's opinion and is mentioned in the treatment plan file schematically and in a table..
Also, in some cases, attachments are used to create more effective force to move some teeth. The attachment template and protocol will be provided by the company along with the training video.
Refer to the link below to receive the stripping protocol and the attachment video

What is the recommended solution if the patient has missing teeth in some anterior areas and intends to be treated with aligner?

In some patients who has missing teeth, especially in the anterior areas, MIB aligner design pontics(at the discretion of the patient and the dentist) for empty spaces so that this space is filled with composite during treatment. And the client smiles easily and confidently during treatment.

how is the refinement system in mib aligner?

In cases where the patient has not reached the predicted position in the treatment plan after regular use of all aligners, it is possible to re-mold and continue treatment with aligners. In this case, you will only pay part of the cost of the aligners.
It should be noted that in all systems in the world in the field of aligner therapy, the possibility of refinement is due to differences in the strength of teeth and jaw conditions, as well as the degree of patient cooperation.

Is it possible to send aligners for patients abroad?

Yes, the mib aligner system has already sent several clear aligner packages to patients around the world, and you can make the necessary arrangements by contacting our experts.

 How is MIB aligner support system?

From the time you, dear dentist, decide to start treatment with the mib aligner system, our experienced experts in the aligner department of the company will be with you and will accompany and support you from choosing the right case until the end of the treatment

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