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An overbite happens when the upper front teeth have overlap with lower front teeth. Most people have a small amount of overlap but if it gets more than usual mount, it may cause some problems and need to be treated.


When some of you upper teeth gets behind the lower teeth we call it cross bite . Chipped teeth, gum recede and sometimes losing bones are some of cross bite complications


An open bite happens when upper front teeth and lower front teeth have no contact together when you close your mouth and usually there is a space between them. Open bite can make chewing extremely hard.


when there is not enough space in your jaw for teeth to fit, teeth are crowded . In this case brushing and flossing may be difficult and can lead to tooth decay.

Gap teeth

Gapped teeth or spaced teeth is called when there is a considerable amount of space between two or more teeth. People with gapped teeth may have tender or sore gum and also food can get stuck between those spaces.


An under bite happens when the lower front teeth cover the upper front teeth. Under bite makes chewing hard for the patient and may affect their speaking.

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