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Straighten Teeth more Comfortably

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Straighten Teeth more Comfortably

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What is MIB Aligner ?

Clear aligner is a new method of orthodontics for arranging teeth. This method does not use wires and brackets on the teeth. Treatment is done with a series of clear, colorless and moving plaques. The aligners look like a night guard and are not visible on the teeth, they are made of medical plastic and move the teeth step by step to reach the desired position.

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Aligner Services

Why mib aligner ?

Full support

From the moment you start treatment with mib aligners, our colleagues in the Mib Aligner section will support you until the end of the treatment. We are with our dear dentists and patients from the beginning of the treatment to the end and achieving the desired result

Cooperation of orthodontists and specialists for treatment plans

To perform a 3D treatment plan in dental software, we use the cooperation and advice of orthodontists, cosmetic dentists, expert dentists and technicians specialized in clear aligners treatment plans, and each treatment plan is .designed to the patient's condition and analysis

How it Works?

The four stages of the Aligner's Design and Production process

  • Step 1

    Meet Your Doctor

    You can find the nearest doctor to your residence and call for a free consultation with MIB's dental consultants.

  • Step 2


    After consultation, if the your teeth condition is suitable for treatment with Aligner, the Molding or 3D scanning will be done.

  • Step 3

    Getting the Aligner Package

    Your Aligner package will be sent to your dentist.

  • Step 4

    Desired Smile !

    Achieve your desired smile through the correct use of Aligners and the supervision of your dentist.



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Clear Aligners Global Market Report 2021

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The global clear aligners market is expected to grow from $1.93 billion in 2020 to $2.2 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14%.