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Treatment process

Treatment with MIB Company clear aligners is a simple progression that starts with high precision silicone impression or intraoral scanning of the patient and MIB Aligner has provided the benefit of using pre-Aligners for patients. Digital treatment plans are performed with experienced orthodontists inside and outside Iran. You can review the progress below:

Aligner wearing time per stage : 3 full weeks
Aligner wearing time per day : 22 hours
Teeth movement per stage : 3 mm
(This amount was reduced to 0.15 mm due to the condition of the teeth, jaw and periodontal problem)
Aligner cutting profile : smooth and straight Gingiva with maximum retention




Sending records

You can send photos of your patient to our colleagues in the aligner department and receive free consultation on the possibility of treatment, the number of aligners, duration of the treatment and the approximate amount of costs.
Necessary documents for consultation and cooperation include photos, OPG and explanation of patient problems (chief complaint).

Scan or impression

After the consultation, you can send the impression taken from the patient's tooth or the intraoral scan to our colleagues in mib aligner. Required documents for completing the process include inter-oral and extra-oral photographs, patient chief complaint and the prescription form.
The prepared impression must be two-stage silicone putty. For information on the exact method of molding for mib aligner and photography sample, refer to the following link


Pre-aligner delivery

After sending the impression to our office, you will receive a pre-aligner (aligner zero). This powerless aligner is sent for the patient to examine the aligner and its fitness, to get used to wearing them and to check the accuracy of the impression.

Digital treatment plan

Your patient treatment plan is done in collaboration with orthodontists, cosmetologists and observing the principles of biomechanics and aesthetic in 3D software. Dear dentists, if you wish, you can cooperate with us in carrying out the treatment plan, and the treatment plan can be done exclusively with your cooperation.

Aligner manufacturing

Mib aligners are made and polished with the latest and most accurate digital technology and using up-to-date methods. For more information about the manufacturing procedure click here.

Aligner delivery

Deliver the aligners to your patient and make regular appointments for check-ups.

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