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Ide Bartar Keyvan Company was established in 1998 with the aim of importing and distributing modern dental equipment and products and holding specialized training courses in this field in Tehran. With more than two decades of continuous and dynamic activity, it is now among the top companies in the field of dental equipment and well - Known in the country.

Also, in order to sell its products and provide its services , Ide Bartar Keyvan has officially registered the MIB brand with the slogan "Make the best" and all the products of this collection will be offered in the market with the MIB logo and symbol.

The management of this firm has always been trying to provide more service to the dental community of the country with the principle of customer orientation, customer satisfaction and raising the level of after-sales service as an organizational value and also by employing specialized and experienced personnel in all units.

The digital laboratory of this firm was established in 2017 with the cooperation of world-famous brands such as Kerox,. Hungary and Smilelign., UK,. Ide digital center is equipped with Hungarian 3D printers, vacuum formers, milling machines, zirconia and CNC machines with 5-axis milling. All expert technicians of Ide Digital Center, work in the field of design and production of clear aligners, prosthetic parts and implants using the latest equipment, software and up-to-date knowledge of digital dentistry,.

Ide Bartar Keyvan with more than 20 years of experience is always trying to improve its position in the field of dental services in the country by providing the best services in the field of dental equipment and products and customer-oriented principles.

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